Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Time Apart From Art

Hi, Art? Do you have a moment? Please, have a seat, there’s something we need to talk about.

I won’t say I remember when we met—that was far too long ago, even for my memory trap of a mind.  But I do remember you always being there. You’ve always been one of my best friends, and over the years our friendship has grown into a deep love. I have devoted a lot of my time to you over the years. I love you, and there is no other lover quite like you. You can express what my words alone can’t. You have been a source of inspiration to me, and numerous others over the years.  But I think we need some time apart.

Please don’t misunderstand. I want to be with you. But I don’t think I am doing you or myself any favors by treating you the way I have been. I become a different person around you. When you’re with me, I feel angry, confused, and incapable of being true to you or myself. And that isn’t your fault. It’s mine. I become abusive. I rip you to shreds or crumple you when you aren’t going my way. I do just the same to myself—and I’m telling you now it isn’t healthy.

We need a fresh start, don’t you think? I really want to like you, and love you. But I can’t do that while upholding my current standards when we’re together. I think we just need to be away from each other for a while. You know what they say—distance makes the heart grow fonder. And when I’m ready, I will come back. I will be a good friend and lover to you, and hopefully just as good to myself.

Until we meet again,


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