Wednesday, February 27, 2013

My Post for the "Autistic People Are..." Flashblog

This is of me and my husband at our totally-not-a-wedding-reception party. If you do recognize me or my husband, I request that you keep it to yourselves-- I'm out as an NLD'er, but my hubby is not really out as an Aspie, and that is best for at least another couple of months. That's why I picked a picture of him mostly turned away. 

You should contribute to the "Autistic People Are..." flashblog! It runs until March 2nd, so you still have time! I'm going to suggest for this one that if you don't have anything nice to say, don't say anything at all. Better yet, if you're not going to be triggered by doing so, let Google search auto-complete the phrase "Autistic People Are" for you. With the exception of "Autistic People Are Smart," all of the phrases that came up were exactly what this flash blog is trying not to do. So don't be hatin'. As recent events have revealed, if you have any stuff to say about how "inspirational" Autistics are, you might want to avoid that too as many people have been triggered by that.

And with that said, I bid you good blogging!


  1. Haven't tackled this one yet but maybe I will be inspired before March 2. Thanks for sharing.

    1. No problem Sarah! To be honest I wasn't sure I was going to come up with something in time either, but I missed out on the first portion of this, "Autistic People Should..."
      ( which was in retaliation to the bigoted auto-completes you get when you type "Autistic People Should" into Google. Anyway, I really wanted to participate for this one, so I slapped something together. Thanks for visiting here!

  2. Hoping to also get a chance to take part on this one. I feel it's very important! :)

    1. I really look forward to seeing what everyone comes up with! I bet they're going to get some pretty good responses for this.


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